and Special Guests

in support of SEA SHEPHERD


We are delighted to announce that Richard Dean Anderson and his Special Guests will be featuring in a charity event known as MEET THE MAN 2 (MTM 2) in support of Sea Shepherd in 2018. Those of you who attended MTM 1 in Vancouver in 2010, will know just what a huge success that event was and we have absolutely no doubt that this event will be even more successful! If you are a fan of Richard Dean Anderson, you don't want to miss this opportunity to meet one of the greatest guys on the celebrity circuit. In addition to supporting Sea Shepherd, Richard's favourite conservation charity, this is your chance to attend THE Stargate event of the year!


Meet the Man 2 will be held in the United Kingdom on August 25-27, 2018 a UK bank holiday weekend. We are still working on many of the details for this event and as you may appreciate, we are currently in heavy planning mode. We have selected an outstanding venue and we shall be announcing the location following our visit to the UK in the near future to finalise the arrangements.


Over the next few weeks we shall bring you details of who will be joining Richard as his special guests. We are not rushing into these announcements just yet as we plan to wait until we have made final contractual arrangements with the guests concerned. This will be determined by their availability due to acting/work considerations next August and which we have to wait for at this time.


Although we have not yet finalised the number of visitors that we are planning for at MTM 2, we can confirm that this will be an event with a limited number of attendees. We intend to offer a show that will be more intimate than the mega cons you may be used to. In our event, attendees will have the opportunity for close interraction with Richard and his guests. The event will include activities including stage appearances, autograph and photo-op sessions. There will also be opportunities to participate in social events such as cocktail parties, meet and greet coffee sessions and even private small-group dinners.


Ticket sales for MTM 2 will also be announced in the weeks ahead. We plan to give you plenty of notice about the launch date as well as the various ticket options that will be available to you. We are making this preliminary announcement at this time in order to give you a full year to plan your calendar if you are considering joining us. 


As plans move forward over the next few months, we shall be organising a team of volunteers to help run the event with us. This will include people to help with access and line control, guest liason and assistance, photo-op management, ballroom/stage assistance plus several other areas of help. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for MTM 2, please send us an email at, providing your name, email address and any details of convention volunteer work that you have done in the past.

We thank you for your interest in Meet The Man 2 and we look forward to having you join us next year for this fabulous event. In the meantime, we invite you to check back here from time to time and see the updates.
We shall also be posting pertinent announcements on Facebook and Twitter in the weeks and months ahead.