Legends Memorabilia was established in 1995 to provide distinctive memorabilia from the world of Television and Motion Picture Entertainment, History, Music, Aviation/Space.

Paul Brown, the founder of Legends started dealing in memorabilia in the early 1990’s following a diverse career which included several years as a sound engineer in the professional music industry. During this time he worked with many notable artists including
Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Little Richard, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dave Brubeck, Sonny and Cher, Diana Ross, The Righteous Brothers and many others. His association with music stars became the catalyst for the development of his memorabilia business, which expanded further as he developed relationships with celebrities in the film and television industry.


Since 1995, Legends products have been enthusiastically received by clients in over 80 countries around the world, offering fans exclusive opportunities to own unique memorabilia including:


• Historical Documents     • Music Memorabilia       • Original Props      • Original Costumes     • Set Decoration                  • Film Concept Art           • Autographs          • Rare Collectibles    


Over the years Legends Memorabilia in association with various studios, have hosted numerous online auctions exclusively offering original production items and has become affiliated with top rated film industry names including:


• MGM Studios ©                             • Tribune Entertainment ©          • Sony Pictures © 

• Omni Film Entertainment ©        • Sanctuary 1 Productions ©      • AMC ©

















In 2005 Paul Brown started working closely with Richard Dean Anderson in the process of supporting various charities, most notably the ocean conservation organisation, Sea Shepherd.  Both Richard and Paul are members of the Sea Shepherd Advisory Board. Paul has subsequently become Richard's personal assistant and manages his  activities with respect to fan convention appearances around the world as they continue to raise funds for various charities.


In 2013, Legends Canada was established for the sale of autographed merchandise, whilst the original parent company, Legends Memorabilia remains the entity responsible for the sale of studio assets.