The STARGATE LEGACY COLLECTION is a range of collectibles that pay tribute to the Stargate franchise. Consisting of a series of superb limited editions, these items have been engineered in the finest detail possible. Unlike anything that has ever been brought to the Stargate memorabilia market, they are destined to become the ultimate treasure for Stargate fans. and collectors worldwide.


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The man behind the engineering of the products featured in the Stargate Legacy Collection is Bryan Harris, who's creative talents inspired Legends Canada to join with him in bringing the results of his craftsmanship to the Stargate world. To say that Bryan is an avid science fiction fan would be putting it mildly. He grew up in Liverpool, England, watching Lost In Space and Dr. Who. Then later, after moving to Canada he became engrossed in Red Dwarf and all the incarnations of Star Trek and Babylon 5. But it was Stargate, initially the movie then the television series, that inspired his imagination, particularly from a creative point of view.

Bryan's profession is a die maker by trade and with his specialized machinery, including a CNC mill and high-speed engraving industrial laser, he was able to put his artistic skills to work. He initially started by creating fairly simple projects for friends, family and himself to appreciate and enjoy. But it wasn't too long before Bryan’s ideas began to escalate, turning a simple hobby into a strong passion. His craft became more complex and over time he began to create elaborately detailed masterpieces.

Inspired by the artistic content found throughout the Stargate series, he created an intricately engineered and highly detailed heirloom box that contained a magnificent brass commemorative plate featuring hieroglyph symbols surrounding a Stargate in the centre. Bryan made one of these unique presentations for each of the four main cast members of Stargate SG1, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge. 


He later crafted a Stargate Atlantis version. These masterpieces became the inspiration for the Stargate Legacy Collection, bringing his craftsmanship to those who share his love for the show and who enjoy brilliantly crafted works of art.